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Do you want to help young people pass matric and access post-school opportunities? Read this!

In 2012 one of our implementing partners, IkamvaYouth documented an important vision of what they would like to see happening for young South Africans by 2030.  It entails that: “ALL learners who begin grade 1 in 2018 will reach matric or the equivalent ALL learners will pass ALL learners who matriculate in 2030 will access […]

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Posted on 15 April 2015 under Creative Learners, DGMT Points of Interest.


The challenges and lessons learned in securing post-school placements for township-based matrics: Achieving against the odds

Annually the township matriculants participating in the IkamvaYouth programme exceeds all expectations in terms of their matric exam performance and 96% of them have accessed opportunity (educational/employment) within 5 months of matriculating.  But the untold story behind these impressive statistics reflects many challenges, frustrations, obstacles and disappointments inherent in trying to secure post-school placements for […]

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Posted on 7 October 2013 under Hands-on Issue 8 (May-Sept 2013), Hands-on Learning Briefs, Learning Briefs: Enterprising School Leavers, Opportunity 10: Implementation Experience, Opportunity 10: Reflection and Analysis, Opportunity 9: Implementation Experience, What we've learned.


TSiBA’s Leadership Development Perspectives: Joy Olivier, Co-Founder and Director, IkamvaYouth

By Jackie Lagus, based on an interview by Anna Morris. “Being a little spark under the potential of everyone around you. I think that is really what leadership is about.” These are the words of social entrepreneur and activist Joy Olivier. It is also the success story behind IkamvaYouth, an organisation focussing on youth education through […]

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Posted on 3 April 2012 under From Head & Heart, From Head and Heart: Game-Changing Leaders, Opportunity 10: Reflection and Analysis.


IkamvaYouth: Equipping learners to access tertiary education and employment opportunities

IkamvaYouth has set itself a tough but important mission: to enable disadvantaged South African youth to pull themselves out of poverty and into tertiary education and/or employment.  This youth-led organization’s strategy is focused on ensuring that learners matriculate and access the post-school opportunities that will be their passport out of poverty.  Read more about their […]

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Posted on 10 February 2012 under Hands-On Issue 3 (Sept-Dec 2011), Hands-on Learning Briefs, Learning Briefs: Enterprising School Leavers, Opportunity 10: Implementation Experience.