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The public school partnership pilot – is it worth it? Let parents decide

3 November 2017

Here is a frightening prediction: over the next decade, the number of children in private schools will increase from one-sixteenth to one sixth of all learners in South Africa. That proportion will then level off because other parents who prefer private education won’t be able to pay for it. As the State will not have […]

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Unlock, inspire, include: How unlikely networks push us forward

18 October 2017

DGMT’s strategy and 10 opportunities to change South Africa are clearly set out. Still, some of these opportunities are easier to grasp than others: for example, most people would immediately understand what it means to give every child the benefit of early childhood development. The steps to achieving that are also clear, even if there are […]

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A compelling business proposition: Create value at no extra cost

11 October 2017

Just over a decade ago, a senior official at national Treasury told me that Government was “awash with money”. Not anymore. Cost-cutting is the order of the day. Things are only going to get tighter after the medium-term budget policy statement on 25th October. We will all feel sick to the pit of our stomachs […]

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Creating a Story-Powered Nation

7 September 2017

“Reading opens up new worlds. It gives us power – to learn new things, tell our own stories, and shape our futures”.  [Extract from a Story-Powered Nation] At DGMT we often talk about the importance of reading, of ensuring that children are ready to read when they go to school. We believe it is a key […]

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Unsung heroines in the field of development: Julie Mentor

30 August 2017

Julie Mentor shares her journey in the field of development as the fourth and final interviewee of our Women’s Month series, which aims to celebrate the lesser-known women in the sector making an impact where they are, with whatever resources they have. Hi Julie, please tell us a bit about yourself. I’m a very proud […]

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Where did the other half go? What is driving school dropout in South Africa?

24 August 2017

Most 17 year olds are attending school and will soon write their matric exam, even if not all of them pass. Right?  No! By the time a class of 30 children reaches grade 12, 50% of their peers have already left school without even making it to the grade where their can write matric. This […]

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Create Change: Step Up for Young People

3 February 2017

South Africa has a resource with the potential to transform our economic and social reality. Unfortunately, we are missing this opportunity: It should go without saying that investment in children and young people is the source of future human capital. They should be at the forefront of strategies for economic growth and development in SA. […]

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Early learning gets a boost – ELOM and SmartStart

19 September 2016

Research indicates that while children from better-off homes make good progress following Grade R, children from poor households do not, and the gap between these two groups widens with age.

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Your Mandela Day to-do list: Grow empathy, connect to others, take action – but choose wisely

18 July 2016

The message behind Mandela Day is that we all have the ability and responsibility to change the world for the better.  In theory many people agree with this sentiment, judging from the 2.8K likes that a Nelson Mandela quote like “our society needs to re-establish a culture of caring” can garner on the Nelson Mandela […]

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134 big and small ways to start changing South Africa this Mandela Day

15 July 2016

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”- Nelson Mandela According to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mandela Day is a global call to action for citizens of the […]

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Celebrating amazing teachers: Michael Peter Curry on saving lives

5 October 2017

Today we are celebrating the many teachers who go beyond their job description to help their learners reach their fullest potential. We are humbled and inspired by those who are approachable to their learners; who keep working long into their evenings; who make do with limited resources; and who are always open to learning about […]

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Volunteer-driven literacy programmes in schools: why parents and teachers join, and why they stay

30 September 2016

The degree to which children acquire language skills is a strong predictor of future academic success, educational attainment, employment and income.  In fact, reading is a powerful tool to tackle poverty and inequality: when children read for pleasure, it has a greater effect on their educational achievement than their family’s socio-economic status. There is thus […]

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Four key elements of an effective learning environment and practical strategies to achieve it in a rural environment

15 August 2016

Axium Education is an NPO based in Zithulele, in the rural Eastern Cape. For the past two years, DGMT has supported three of its educational programmes: the Community Reading Programme (in-school early literacy support for Grade R-3), the MasaKHANe programme (after-school Maths and English support for Grade 6-9) and the Ekukhuleni programme (after-school/weekend Maths, Science […]

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Driving change: NERDAfrica’s advice for young people wanting to start social change initiatives

29 March 2016

To grow economically, reduce inequality, and foster social solidarity so that we thrive as a nation, South Africa needs young leaders that will inspire innovation in both the public and private sectors.   Tumelo Motaung is precisely such a young leader. Having participated in a variety of youth leadership initiatives, including Activate!, Tumelo started the […]

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The Karnataka Learning Partnership: what data can do

23 November 2015

  Imagine: A parent is trying to decide whether to send her child to the preschool at the end of her street, or the one in a nearby neighbourhood. She’s heard the faraway preschool is better, but it also has higher fees, and she’s not quite sure what “better” means. An NGO is planning a […]

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