Opportunity 7: Reflection and Analysis

The “ordinary magic” that can change a child’s future

This article was first published in the Star on 9 May 2016 Since 27 April 2015, ‘Mandela’s children’ have been turning twenty-one. They are the first of the ‘born-free generation’ to become adults. Are they better off than young adults were in the early nineties? It’s a difficult question to ask at the best of […]

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Posted on 11 May 2016


Helping our children reach their full potential by growing the building blocks of food, love, security and stimulation

How can we fix our education system?  That question preoccupies our national mind – and not without cause. We fail to prepare enough people for basic jobs, let alone to sustain a sophisticated knowledge economy.  If that is the question, the inevitable answer is that we need good teachers, quality textbooks and enough time in […]

Posted on 1 July 2013


Early love creating a lifelong inheritance: The story of Gogo Pumla Jayiya

I first came to know Gogo[1] Pumla Jayiya when both of us were involved with the HIV prevention campaign for youth, loveLife where we worked in different capacities on their goGogetter Programme, designed to encourage support for orphaned and vulnerable youth by local grandmothers.  To be honest, it is hard not to take note of […]

Posted on 19 June 2012