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    We have a new five-year strategy that is guiding our funding decisions. At this stage, this strategy is available in document format and you can apply for funding in accordance with our new funding guidelines described below.

    DGMT STRATEGY 2017-2021

DGMT is a public innovator through strategic investment. We understand that innovation requires two key elements: dynamic, robust organisations that are able to model civil society’s full potential; as well as fresh approaches to particular opportunities that can break new ground and test novel ideas. Because we see the importance of both, we have set up two separate pools of funding that organisations are able to apply for:

OPTION 1: A strategic opportunity grant to seize one of the ’10 opportunities to change South Africa’ described in our new five-year strategy document.

OPTION 2: An organisational effectiveness grant to unlock the potential of your organisation to become a better public innovator.

Use the diagram below to choose an option and to work through the necessary information before you apply:

Funding Options
Identify a sub- strategy in one of the 10 opportunities
Opportunity 10
Subit an Application
What areas support innovation?




What we don’t fund

Companies and for profit outfits which are not carrying out public benefit activities
Bursaries for individuals
Infrastructure and vehicle expenses
Individual schools, ECD centres and drop-in centres
Projects outside of South Africa